Leaking Plumbing Issues Can Become a Nightmare

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Dealing with leaking plumbing can quickly become a nightmare. Unfortunately, finding a leak is not always easy because pipes are often hidden behind walls or in flooring. When the pipes of a home are leaking, this can lead to increased water bill costs and damage. Thankfully, there are some signs homeowners can look for to determine whether or not they have a leak problem.

Signs of Pipe Leaks in a Home

Hidden leaks can quickly begin to damage a home and cause the need for expensive repairs. It is imperative homeowners seek immediate repairs if they suspect they may have a leaking pipe. The longer these pipes are allowed to leak, the higher the expense involved. The following are some of the most common signs of pipe leaks in a home.

  • One of the first signs homeowners begin to notice is skyrocketing water bills. When a homeowner’s water bills are rising higher and higher, it is imperative they seek answers from a plumber to determine the cause.
  • A person’s water meter can often reveal a leaking pipe. A homeowner should shut off all sources of water and then read their water meter. If it is still moving, this means there is a leak occurring.
  • Should homeowners begin seeing mold and mildew on walls that are not connected to a tub or shower, this can mean there is a leaking pipe within the wall. Mold and mildew growth only occurs in moist areas.
  • Homeowners may notice water stains on ceilings or sagging walls and flooring when a leak is present. These signs should never be ignored because this means damage is occurring to the porous materials of a home.
  • A musty smell in a home is a sign of moisture problems, and these are most often caused by pipe leaks. Musty odors usually mean mold and mildew growth are occurring.

Call For a Plumber

When homeowners notice any of the above signs, it is critical they call a plumber right away. Waiting too long will only lead to increased plumbing problems and cost of repairs. A plumber will remove the damaged pipe and replace it, so the leaks stop. Call today to schedule an appointment right away.